Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The fifth and final...

That is what we call our sweet ava. 
She is a joy to everyone she meets. She is everything we are trying to teach the other kids morphed into one darling child. 
She will pull us aside to have private conversations. They range from asking for candy or to letting us know we hurt her siblings feelings and asking us to apologize. 
As a baby she was a terrible nurser. I quit and started back up every week for months, yet she was my fattest baby. I am thankful I kept going. She ended up doing great and she is my only child who did not use a pacifier or suck her thumb. 

Ava is sassy and she is all into fashion. She says she wants to be a fashion girl when she grows up 

After we lost Caden's twin we didn't really want to get preg again but did not have the feeling of being done yet. So many people said they never had that feeling but I think God understood me and knew i need to know I was done. Toward the end of my pregnancy with ava I knew I was done. I am so glad we had her. She is the perfect ended to our family, the icing on the already great cake. 
Tonight while face timing my mom miss ava crawls into bed with me. She lays there talking, playing, and interrupting for awhile and then falls asleep. I am thankful that she sleeps so well and for the huge blessing that she is.