Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I am so thankful that my kids are braver then I ever was at their age. I was in a dance class for some of my younger years but after that not so much. I was very insecure and shy about any stage performance things. 
Tonight though, my younger kids did so great volunteering for things on stage. We went to a pirate show and Caden got to go on stage and be sworn in as a pirate. (Note the stylish boy in the blue shirt and vest) 
Later on they asked both Caden and ava to come help them and they both said yes. I would have said no and no and no again. 
They got to wear super cute solider outfits and help defeat the dragon! 
I am trying to encourage them to do things instead of transferring my stage fright on them. I am also trying to conquer my fear as well. 
They did so good and of course were the cutest soldiers up there. 
I am so thankful that I can see some of my faults and I am working on my kids being who God made them to be, not made into something I accidentally make them into. I am thankful I have placed my kids life and up-bringing into God's hands and not my own. His ways are so much better then my own.  
Today they became pirates and defeated dragons, tomorrow....maybe the world.