Friday, June 19, 2015

Do not make a moment a habit.

I am so thankful for the things I have learned about health. I have had my own personal testing going on purely by accident. The week before we traveled I did all juicing. I wrote about how at the end of the week most of my pain was gone. I still had some localized pain in my lower back but for the most part I was waking up feeling great. Fast forward to two weeks later and I am hurting in my back, hips, and legs and my stomach is hurting. I have had things like ice cream, pop tarts, gummies, soda, more soda, and more ice cream. When traveling it is very hard to be part of a large group and stick to a certain eating pattern. Whenever possible I had salads and I ate fruit if it was there. At a park like universal I got a salad at one of the restaurants buy it wasn't that great so it became more about ordering something that wouldn't be wasted. 
I am thankful for moments of letting go and eating cake but I am more thankful to see a connection between how I eat and how I feel. Because feeling great trumps eating cake any day in my book!

I think so many times people have their moment of a sweet treat but the problem is that moment continues on and on and on. It becomes a life style instead of a moment. Bodies get sick when we put things in it that it can't process. If we could simply take a good habit and do it for a moment and continue that on and on and on, we could making a good move in the right direction. 
I am thankful for baby steps because even tiny steps are moving. We just need to make sure they are moving in towards the right goal.